One-button knobMaking things simple

Whirlpool flushing systemStable and powerful flushing capacity

Instantly heat the flowing waterInstant heating and endurable keeping the temperature

One-button knob technology allows automatic completion
of the whole process
of cleaning, flushing and drying

Rotate the button forward,open the women's wash function

Smart Customization + Memory

Rotate the button backwards to open the hip wash function

One-button knob
Making things simple

Cleaning, flushing, and drying no longer require cumbersome manual operation.
No need to blend over or turn around your body, only one button,it is easy to use and remember. especially for the elderly and children.

Patented Venturi supercharging technology, no fear of low voltage or power outage

Diversion guiding technology, releasing water energy

Large-diameter drain valve that doubles water and completely removes dirt

Whirlpool flushing system
Stable and powerful flushing capacity

The super-strong whirlpool flushing system, changing the traditional flushing mode, bring us the quite using experience without the motor auxiliary.
The design of low water tank and strong flushing capacity allows one time thorough flush in spite of power off and low water pressure, and enjoy the strong flushing power at any time.

Built-in ceramic heating rod achieves hydroelectric separation, safe and no hidden danger.

Instant heat, accurate temperature control, long-lasting constant temperature

Instantly heat the flowing water
Instant heating and endurable keeping the temperature

Enjoy the experience of zero waiting. Heating immediately, constant water temperature, no afraid of the changed water temperature.
No storage tank design successfully eliminate the breeding of bacteria, clean and energy saving. The hydroelectric separation design let use safer and has no hidden dangers.

Longer, more comprehensive, and more sincere
6-year warranty services for smart toilet

HEGII smart toilet ensures you 6-year warranty

HEGII takes a lead in offering 6-year warranty service for smart toilets in the Chinese market. The service is available in over 2,000 HEGII stores across the country.
Customers who buy our smart toilet (including smart toilet and smart toilet seat cover) can receive a “Quality VIP” card and enjoy the six-year free warranty services.

HEGII Q8 Intelligent Toilet

High IQ and Higher EQ