HEGII brand was created

Guangdong HEGII Sanitary Wares Co., Ltd. was officially established and became a sanitary wares manufacturer with a world-class SITI tunnel kiln.


The 3.5L Super-strong Whirlpool energy system of the industry was initiated

HEGII launched the Chaoxuanfeng series toilet, initiating the 3.5L Super-strong
Whirlpool energy system of the sanitary industry. Moreover, it developed the “1350” service mode.


Comprehensive brand upgrading

HEGII fully enhanced its image, introduced all-new LOGO, image, spirit and images of its outlets. It established strategic partnership with Vanke, Evergrande, Greenland, and Poly, etc., and became the only cooperative sanitary brand officially designated by the TV program of Dream Home of the Dragon TV.


The only representative of the New Chinese Goods Industry

HEGII became the first cooperative sanitary partner of the Palace Museum and advanced the New Chinese Goods Intelligent Manufacturing Plan together with Yoju, Tencent Home and Wuxiaobo Channel.


HEGII was established


The channels were consolidated

HEGII innovated its channel model and increased the number of its retail stores to more than 1,000.


Initiating the intelligent era of the industry

HEGII established its Shanghai marketing center, launched the Smart Double-Q series toilet, and initiated the concept of “High IQ and higher EQ”. It took a lead in offering the 6- year whole- product warranty services for Smart toilets in the industry.


The 20th anniversary

HEGII became a Chinese Brand Strategic Partner. HEGII’s R&D Center Lab was certified by the National Water Efficiency Lab and won the national CNAS certification. Its Dahui Metallic Fittings Production Base was launched, taking a lead in meeting the standard for zero discharging of electroplating water in the industry.